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About privacy policy

These privacy policies (the “Rules”) explain how Sundancer j.d.o.o. for shops and services (hereinafter: "Sundancer", processing manager) collects, uses and manages your personal data. Sundancer j.d.o.o. is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Read these policies carefully to understand why and how we collect your personal information and how it will be used.

In terms of the personal data we collect, Sundancer is the “controller”, that is, the one who determines the needs and means by which the personal data is processed.

If you wish to contact us regarding these rules or regarding your personal data, please use the following contact details:

Company name: Sundancer j.d.o.o.

Address: Varaždinska 24, Brezje Dravsko, 42208 Cestica, Croatia

Telephone number: +385 92 1705 300


How and when do we collect your personal information?

We collect your personal information when it is necessary to meet your consumer needs or for the needs of our business (eg when you buy or order products and / or services from us, when you contact us - customer service contact center, when you fill out our survey or provide feedback information about our goods and services, etc.).

We generally collect personal information directly from you, when you order certain products or services or fill out a particular form, or when we collect information through video surveillance.

You can find more information about the situations and circumstances for collecting your personal data below, in the section "What we will use your personal data for". Remember that this is information about potential ways of using personal information, which you may encounter when you visit our stores and websites, make a purchase, rent from us or use our other services. In each of these cases, you will also receive clear additional information about the purpose of the data processing, and in some cases we will also need your explicit permission to process it.

We do not use your personal information for marketing purposes unless you tell us to agree to it.

We treat your personal information as confidential and are properly protected by Sundancer and / or our trusted partners (for more information, see the section: Does Sundancer share information with third parties).

What data do we collect directly from you?

Typical categories of information we collect from users are: name, address, date of birth, gender, weight, payment address, shipping address, financial information including credit, debit card information, or other payment information you provide when filling out forms on Sundancer websites or when you communicate with us by phone or email or in our branches, your history of purchasing / renting Sundancer products and services and additional information that you choose to voluntarily share with us.

When we collect information through video surveillance we do so in accordance with legal provisions or in justified cases to ensure the personal safety of you and Sundancer associates, to protect your and Sundancer j.d.o.o.'s assets and to increase the security of your and our IT systems or mobile phones.

What privacy rights do you have?

Please note that you have the right to request the following from Sundancer at any time:

  • to give you access to your personal information
  • You can ask Sundancer what personal information you use, or you can request access to that personal information. You have the right to know the purpose of the processing, which categories of your personal data we store, the authorities or categories of authorities with whom we share your personal data, the retention period, as well as the source of the data in case the data is collected indirectly.
  • to provide you with a copy of the personal information we hold
  • You can contact us if you want a copy of some or all of the personal information we hold about you.
  • request correction of incorrect data
  • We want your personal information to be accurate and up to date. You may ask us to correct or remove information that you think is inaccurate or out of date.
  • request the deletion of personal data
  • You may request that we stop processing or even request the deletion of personal information about you that we hold. If we need your personal information to perform a Sundancer contractual obligation to you, Sundancer may cease to be capable of performing such contractual obligations. Also, if your personal information is required in order for Sundancer to be able to meet certain legal obligations (e.g., tax obligations), your request may not be able to be met.
  • Restricting access to your data (us and / or third parties) in certain processes or in full
  • If you want to challenge the accuracy of the data, or we no longer need personal data for the purpose of processing, but you need it to establish, execute or defend legal claims or you have objected to the processing on which the controller considers legitimate, you have the right to restrict personal data processing.
  • file a complaint in the way we use your information
  • Remember that you have the right to object to the processing of personal data based on a legal basis that the controller considers legitimate.
  • request data transfer to another processor (transferability of rights)
  • If the processing is based on your consent or is performed by automatic means, you have the right to ask the controller to transfer the data to another controller.

To exercise any of the above rights please use the Sundancer contact information in the privacy section.

If you are not satisfied with how we have collected or used your personal data, you can file a formal complaint with the Personal Data Protection Agency.

Where is your personal information stored?

We store the personal information we collect about you in a secure environment. Your personal information is protected from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, alteration or destruction by any organization or individual.

Some data is still stored in paper form, but we tend to digitize all the personal data we process. The processed data is stored in the processing manager's premises and IT systems, but sometimes we store the data on the servers of our trusted service providers.

Does Sundancer share data with third parties?

Privacy protection is important to Sundancer, so we will never share your personal information with third parties except for the purposes described in these policies.

As you know, Sundancer is a trader and lessor of boats and we work together with other companies. This means that we sometimes share your personal information with our trusted partners, using secure IT systems. When we do so, the data is transferred to servers located in the EU or in the country, ensuring an adequate level of protection in accordance with EU legislation.

In addition, we may provide your personal information to our trusted partners who maintain our IT system or provide services on behalf of the processing manager. For example, for marketing, finance, advertising, payment processing, delivery, service and other services in and out of the store. However, these service providers are obliged, according to the relevant contracts, to use the data entrusted to them only in accordance with our guidelines and exclusively for the purpose we have strictly determined. We also oblige them to adequately protect your information and to consider it a business secret.

In some cases, our partners providing services on behalf of or for Sundancer may process your data outside the European Union. However, the contracts we enter into with such entities oblige them to treat your data with special security measures in accordance with the regulations in force in the Member States of the European Union.

How long will Sundancer keep your personal information?

Sundancer will not retain your personal information for longer than the period for which the information is needed to fulfill the purpose of its use. More information about the retention periods of certain types of data can be found in the section "What will we use your data for?".

What will we use your data for?

We may use your personal information in several different ways, mainly to perform our contractual obligations to you, but sometimes to improve your experience of buying, renting, direct marketing or for security reasons.

The data we collect will be kept until the purpose is fulfilled, related to the applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia, which arises from your relationship with us.

Order processing and service delivery

When you make a purchase / rental at a Sundancer store or through the Sundancer website, as the case may be, we may ask you to provide certain personal information necessary to properly process your purchase / rental. This situation will happen especially if you decide to use one of the services, such as delivery, in addition to buying / renting our products. Also, to process your order and ensure that your personal and financial information is accurate, we use trusted third-party payment systems to ensure that your payment is secure and that your information is not used for fraud. If you wish to pay for goods and services online, the processing manager will request payment-related information, including credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV number, and billing address.

To ensure that the products and services you purchase / rent from us are delivered to the correct address, we share your personal information required to provide certain services with trusted external partners (eg your name, delivery address and delivery messages that you specify - such as the time of day when you want to receive delivery).

Customer Service - Office

If you contact our customer office (request a product return, service, file a complaint or are not satisfied with the service, etc.), directly at Sundancer or through any other means of communication available to you, we need your contact information to resolve the issue. with whom you are addressing us. The information you provide to us will only be used for this purpose. In certain cases, we will use the services of other manufacturers to whom we entrust your data only to the extent that this will be necessary to resolve your case (eg authorized repair services, etc.). In this case, they may be IT system vendors with whom the processing manager cooperates and may be part of the technical support or part of the team whose service we use.

You can also contact the processing manager at the office or by phone. When you contact us or make a purchase by phone, the processing manager processes your data, such as: name, address, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address. You provide the mentioned data voluntarily. Failure to provide them may result in inability to fulfill the order or delivery.

Other websites

Sundancer websites may contain links to third party websites.

These policies only apply to this website, so when linking to other websites, we encourage you to read their privacy policies.


All content published on this website is subject to copyright protection. Unauthorized use of any part of the website and content is considered copyright infringement and is subject to lawsuits.

The following explains the conditions under which the data submitted by the user via the form are collected and used.

If you do not agree with the content of the following text, please do not leave your data on this website in any case.

The purpose of collecting data through the form is to establish contact with the user in order to inform each other about the activities we do.

We may use all data submitted by users for the purposes of informing, informing and promoting about the products and activities we carry out. The user agrees that we send him information about our activities on a periodic basis.

All user data is strictly kept and is available only to people who need this data to do the job. In no case will we provide or disclose user data to third parties. Insight by the authorized services of the executive and judicial authorities of the Republic of Croatia, for the purposes of investigative actions on the basis of a valid court order, is excluded from the above.

We regularly give users a choice about the use of their data, including the ability to decide whether or not they want their data removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns.

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Start of use and change of privacy policy

These rules come into use on 1/1/2019 and will be published on the website.

In Cestica, on 1/1/2019.