Charter management

Through the summer when everyone somehow grabbed our beautiful coast or maybe some island on the horizon, sometimes we see a lot of ships approaching or receding away from us. Walking along the shore, we find many ships on mooring where we see happy, smiling people. Sometimes we see a lot of masts and boats in one place, realizing that we are in place of their repose, or only short break before new adventures, this place is marina. How it all works, who are these people on board, what it feels like have a boat, can we afford it? If you even get the boat, what are the maintenance costs and duties for new one?

Charter management also provides unique opportunity to enjoy the ship and sea, and earn in same time. In any case, drastically reduces maintenance and mooring, as well as if you buy a new boat you are free from paying of  excise duty and have right to VAT refund. Charter management also provides income opportunities if choose a good boat for which there is strong demand. Currently required time to pay off the boat through charter is about six years.

Of course, this number varies and it is an average according to our experiences. In any case, feel free to inform and ask for a specific calculations for the boat you can afford, and combine business with pleasure. Feel free to contact us, we always have a solution for you which boat charter management form will best suit you. Contact us with confidence.