Rafaelli 50

Price for sale: € 373,750
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overall length (dimension): 15,35 m
overall length:  14,99m                               
length on the waterline: 12,90m                                     
breadth:   4,34m                              
vertical clearance (w/ boat afloat, excluding collapsible radio antennas): 4,40m
depth under the propellers: 1,20m
displacement: 18,00t
gross tonnage: 14,8ot
maximum speed: 30 kn
motorization: 2 x caterpillar c7 336kW (450hp)
fuel tank: 1720 l       
fresh water tank: 500 l
grey water tank: 40 l
black water tank: 80 l
cabins:  3
beds:  6+1
bathrooms: 2+1
maximum capacity (standard supplied equipment for 12 persons): maximum luggage capacity: 1200kg